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We believe in providing integrated solutions, to ensure no-gap between our clients' ranging needs, ever creeping technology advancements and the competency of solutions we offer.

We are fully equipped and sufficiently resourced for using technologies from different streams and provide you a fully-loaded solution with the best technological support.

Our stringent product development processes and product reference system are highly competent to provide solutions of any volume, resolve any level of complexities and meet any rational timeline to set off your tight working conditions. Our technological expertise lets us conjoin different development parameters and bring all resourceful entities like (languages, platforms, tools and business modules) together in the most advanced arrangement of production thereby processing immaculate solutions for your unique business needs:


  • GUI : ASP.NET, Win Forms, WPF, Silverlight, Ajax
  • Reporting : SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports
  • Rich UI : Telerik, Infragistics, Dundas Tools
  • Testing : NUnit, Visual Studio Load Test
  • Middleware : .NET Framework (including WF & CardSpace)
  • Framework : Microsoft Software Factories & Application Blocks, DotNetNuke
  • Communication : Web Services, SOAP, XML, WCF
  • Database : MS SQL Server (including SSRS, SSIS & SSAS and Service Broker),MySQL, MS Access,SQL Yog.


  • RIA Technologies : Ajax, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight
  • Web : XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Java applets, Flash MX ActionScript


  • MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • DB2, UDB
  • mySQL


Android Application Development

Android is the most dynamic operating system being in demand in today’s scenario. The Android Application is considered highly useful with its user-friendly features and serves for the most varied purposes. This is the most on demand software to allure the users greatly which is being available today in every range of phone and serves for the great purposes right from chatting, easy browsing & downloading, gaming and more. And so the Android Apps need to be updated and traversed for normal flow of your smart phones and for that purpose, the Android Apps developers will bring the best performances for you.

We at CodeLover Technology bring one of the best ways to cater your requirements; once you hire our dedicated services.

Window Application Development

Infoicon Technologies is one of the early followers of the Windows Mobile platform for mobile application development and has helped enterprises to leverage this platform for addressing numerous business challenges. Our most skilled Windows Apps developers have also developed and published a host of consumer centric Windows Phone applications, as the platform shifted to the more advanced Windows Phone version. We have a team of trained and skilled developers for Windows Phone platform who can provide consulting and development services as part of the Windows mobile application development.

Our Windows Application Development Solutions will include:

  • Custom Windows Mobile Development.
  • Windows Mobile Consulting Services
  • Application Development to Wireless Device Transfers
  • Games & Standalone Mobile Software Development
  • Data Synchronization Services


HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the recent and highly demanded web development platform that takes the experience of creating web pages to a different and extreme level. Most of all through its captivating features it even have enhanced the viewing experience of the site.

  • Improved context menu
  • Advanced client server communication channel
  • Embedded video and audio tags
  • Direct mode graphics canvas
  • Great semantics
  • Offline web applications
  • Scoped styling
  • Sandboxes iframes

ASP .NET Development

In today’s world of collaboration and integrated environment, the presence of .Net Technology is one of the features intended to connect with the rest of the world. Through the flexibility of interacting interfaces like Desktops, Phones, TVs, Browsers, Internet etc, .NET is a platform to allow a developer for making intelligent applications with interoperability across platforms and that too in a limited timeframe. .Net is a top notch domain which was earlier designed for Internet Service Providers (ISP), but now has been extended; so that everybody can create use of a .net domain. It uses the Internet Domain Naming System (DNS) and it is a contraction of the word 'Network'.

The main part of the .Net technology & structure is the ASP.net set of technologies. These web development technologies are used in the making of Websites and net services working on the .NET infrastructure.

ASP.NET was built by Microsoft from one of their big technologies; and web programmers can make use of any encoding language they want to write from Perl to C Sharp (C#) and of course VB.NET.

The advantages of the ASP.NET technology are that it creates websites, web applications and web services in a simple way with the application of fewer codes. As well, the applications compiled in ASP.NET run quicker and with fewer errors.

The advantages of the ASP.NET technology are that it creates websites, web applications and web services in a simple way with the application of fewer codes. As well, the applications compiled in ASP.NET run quicker and with fewer errors.

  • Dot Net is assimilated with a large library that gives higher scope for developers
  • It is made compatible with other programming languages
  • Large database of library offers tools for user interface, data access, data connectivity and network communications
  • Our developers assist the client with Dot Net features of Common Language Runtime Engine (CLR). All programs executed under the CLR guarantees certain behavioral properties in the areas of memory management and security.
  • This is the only programming tool that features Interoperability, Language Independence, Base Class Library and Common Language Runtime Engine under one single roof.